CONTEX Packing
What we
offer you

We roll up our sleeves for you! Whether it’s repacking, order picking, lashing or customs clearance, we handle all the logistical processes involved in importing and exporting your goods via a container port. We’re also very happy to accommodate special requests that require additional services.

All our specialists from the fields of warehousing and logistics work together collaboratively. We know from experience that this is the only way to ensure we always find the optimal solution for all your logistical challenges – making sure your goods are transported from A to B securely, intact and on time.

Short and long-term storage of permit-free goods

We provide over 26,000 square meters of storage space at our two locations in the immediate vicinity of the A7 motorway.

Indoor or outdoor storage according to your needs

Depending on the value and composition of the goods, we can store your goods at both locations – either in a hall or an outdoor area.

Trucking, handling and storage of containers

We know containers like the back of our hand. We make sure that your containers get from A to B in the port on time and are stored properly.

Professional loading and unloading of all container types

Whether standard ISO containers, open-top containers or flat racks: we’re experts when it comes to the secure handling of containers and the goods transported in them.

Repacking of complete truck loads

Do you have goods that need to be transferred from truck to container or from container to truck? No problem! Our warehouse professionals will take care of it for you.

Sorting, picking and palletizing goods

If necessary, we can change the container sizes for your goods, reassemble them and pack them professionally on pallets for further transport.

Securing of heavy lift and special equipment

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! We have many years of experience in securing bulky and heavy goods. The loading is documented by a lashing certificate.

Fumigation of individual shipments or containers

On request, you can protect your precious goods from possible loss of value during import and export with standardized procedures for full containers.

Container weighing according to SOLAS guidelines

We determine the verified gross mass (VGM) of your export containers and transmit the data electronically to the shipping company in good time.

Customs clearance including customs inspection

Not only do we organize customs clearance for you, we also have a good connection to the customs office. Our motto: “Don’t panic, we’ll find a solution!”