CONTEX Packing

CONTEX Packing has been active as a logistics service provider for imports and exports in the Port of Hamburg since 1990. Within these 30 years, we’ve built up an extensive network and enjoyed continuous expansion. Since 2007, we’ve been operating the Steinwerder port facility (Rossweg 20), and in 2020, expanded our capacity to over 26,000 square meters of warehouse space with the second location in Altenwerder (Vollhöfner Weiden 15).

As a second-generation family business based in Hamburg, we attach great importance to hanseatic virtues. We work accurately, efficiently, reliably and economically – just as a business should. Our goal is to support our customers with know-how, creativity and a healthy dose of common sense in their day-to-day business operations.

Our greatest asset is our highly qualified staff. They embody our virtues and are fully committed to our customers day by day. In practice, this means seamless communication without long waiting times combined with relentless searching for solutions. This way, we’ve been able to acquire many satisfied customers around the world over the years.


Department Registration E-Mail

Alena Behr E-Mail +4940 741134-26 – Head of department

Dirk de Goeij E-Mail +4940 741134-28

Katharina Jenders E-Mail +4940 741134-25

Dennis Bergeest E-Mail +4940 741134-37

Olga Morlang E-Mail +4940 741134-13


Department Export E-Mail

Tanja Meyer E-Mail +4940 741134-23 – Head of department

Fabienne Riemann E-Mail+4940 741134-35

Zakari Cisse E-Mail +4940 741134-15

Mending / value added service (A15)

Department A15 E-Mail

Imke Kuffel E-Mail +4940 741134-36

Claudia Weizenegger E-Mail +4940 741134-27


Department Import E-Mail

Dana Zürner E-Mail +4940 741134-18 – Head of department

Pamela Kliem E-Mail+4940 741134-11

Parves Aluko E-Mail+4940 741134-21

Heavy lift / Project Rossweg

Department Rossweg E-Mail

Alena Behr E-Mail +4940 741134-26

Zakari Cisse E-Mail +4940 741134-15

Customs / AEO / customer service

Nicole Hasler E-Mail +4940 741134-10

Quality management

Andree Kuntze E-Mail +4940 741134-12


Department Administration E-Mail

Julia Hasse E-Mail +4940 741134-32

Warehouse management

Daniel Naiet Limane E-Mail +4940 741134-19

General management

Dean Mair E-Mail

Hendrik Riemeier E-Mail