CONTEX Packing

Thanks to our extensive know-how and state-of-the-art loading technology, we can ensure smooth handling of your goods. In addition to a reach stacker, various heavy-duty forklifts are used in our transshipment warehouses. For example, our container accessible heavy-duty forklift can load and unload ISO containers with individual goods weighing up to 8 tons. Even the precise handling of the heaviest special goods is not a challenge too big for us.

In order for containers to be loaded onto seagoing vessels, the shipping company must know the verified gross mass (VGM). At our SOLAS weighing station, we’re able to carry out this weighing according to the two approved methods 1 and 2. We then directly transmit the result electronically to the shipping company.

Hyster reach stacker
Linde reach stacker
Hyster heavy-duty forklift 32t
heavy-duty forklift 16t
Container accessible heavy-duty forklift 8t